Friday, June 03, 2016

The Karris Family By Ruhani K. Chhabra Review

“The Karris Family”
By Ruhani K. Chhabra
ISBN: 978-1-5144-1789-8
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris

Leah Karris doesn't know how to cope with the changes in her family. Her teenage siblings and busy parents don't get along at all. Leah herself deals with bullies like Zoe Hawk and tattletales like Angela Hartman, but the worst difficulty that she has to deal with is her own family. When she goes to visit her aunt, uncle, and cousins, she decides to make her family as good as her cousins'. Leah tries hard to fix her constant family fights, but she soon understands something important that she hasn't realized before. Will Leah succeed? Or will things be as horrible as before? Will they continue being the disconnected Karris family?

About the author
Ruhani Chhabra has been writing since she learned how to grip a pencil. She is an 11-year-old girl who wants to teach literature when she grows up. Chhabra wrote this book to express her feelings about her own family that remains to busy to interact with one another. She currently lives with her parents and teenage brother in California.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's review- Get ready for a read that is jammed with emotions and circumstances that are ranging from heartbreaking to uplifting and mixed with everything in between.   I had to remind myself the author is only 11 years old, because the writing style is mature older teen kind of tone. and I would think that there might have been some parental help.  However it was a good topic and easy to get through. 

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  1. Hi
    thanks so much reviewing Ruhani's book'The karris Family'. I am the mother of the author of the book, Ruhani Chhabra. I actually feel even more proud of her considering that the book came across as a matured and ripened writing. She is just 11 years and it does seem hard to believe but but honestly and sincerely speaking and I thought I was obligated to let you know that Ruhani has had NO assistance whatsoever and there was a ZERO parental or any adult help for writing this book. Its absolutely her own idea and own original writing. She is a voracious reader and a gifted natural writer. It was important for me to comment for the sake of Ruhani's true and original work and for the potential readers so that it is taken in a proper perspective.
    I am myself amazed when she starts multiple stories with such mature ideas on a daily basis. She probably will write up another book soon. I am trying to figure out how to encourage and motivate her so that she never stops writing and continues giving back to the community meaningful messages like she did through this book and her writing.
    Thanks again for taking time to review Ruhani's book. Really appreciate it.


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