Friday, June 03, 2016

Soul Selfish The Awakening of a Good Girl By Jane Wyker Review


Jane Wyker’s memoir Soul Selfish shows the way to happiness comes from within instead of looking to others to supply it.

Jane remained a ”good girl” into her mid-thirties, bent on pleasing others in the hope of receiving love. This all changed when she embarked on a courageous and passionate inner journey that led her to ownership of her talents, self-reliance and self-love.

Through insightful and spiritually uplifting stories, Jane invites us on her passage from “good girl” to empowered woman, as she slays the personal demons that many have yet to confront.

Let Jane’s journey inspire the possibility for you to become soul selfish, ever more willing to connect to your truth — your soul.

You can learn more  Here.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Jane Wyker, an 80-years-young first time author and former family counselor, says choosing to be soul selfish is a good thing — probably the best thing you can ever do.

Her memoir Soul Selfish: The Awakening of a “Good Girl” (Lioncrest, June 2016) is a story that shows the importance of becoming soul selfish on the path to creating sustained happiness.

Through inspiring and insightful stories Jane shares the happiness, creativity, freedom and peace possible for anyone who wants to honor their authentic self. With her examples, she shares with readers the blessings of awareness and self-love that overflow to others when we dare to be selfish for our soul.

Cassandra's Review- The true beauty of this author pours out in her writing.  I was so happy to take some time out of my week to read her work on a spiritual and loving level, that does make you feel content after finishing.

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