Friday, May 20, 2016

Who You Work For by Anthony David Mitchell Review

Reclusive assassin Thomas Moore dreams of joining his love,Dearest, in his private world he calls “Detour.” Moore's father, Partner, has left him for the past year which Moore believes is his toughest lesson on growing up to being a man. All seems in place when Moore is confronted by his boss who he has never met who offers him a deal to get three times his usual money to kill a small-town mayor. Moore has only killed men guilty of murder and while his boss tells him this man is guilty, he cannot be sure.

He will have to choose between grabbing the life he wants and sparing the life of a good man. Suspenseful, darkly humorous with a deep look at a man who sees this world as a technological hell, Who You Work For will have you rooting for a man who could only be wrong in a world where all is lost.

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Anthony David Mitchell
Lives in Jackson, TN where he writes crime suspense thrillers.  He currently has two titles available and also short stories published on

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  I was able to read through this pretty quickly with no hang ups.  I felt that it was well timed with enough of a pause in each chapter that I could put it down if I had to without thinking about what was going to happen though I did not bother to break during my reading because it was just that good.

 It is not made for younger children so I would not recommend it for them.  

The book has well written, easy to feel characters, that are created to keep you in tune.  I will not give up the ending but only say that it is well worth getting through the 300+ pages.  I look forward to Book 2.

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