Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tips on how to use Method dryer sheets

dryer sheets Method dryer sheets are 100% compostable paper sheets in a fully recyclable box. Their naturally derived, plant-based and biodegradable formula is never tested on animals while reduces static cling, softens fabric and leaves a fresh scent.

The Method experts have put together a few suggestions here:

There are 80 sheets in every box of Method dryer sheets. Yes, you can use a single sheet with every load of the dryer (boring!) but consider the alternatives outside the laundry room:

Pop one into your gym bag to keep sweaty smells at bay

Stash one in a suitcase to prevent musty smells

Keep you clean clothes smelling laundry-day fresh by housing one in each drawer of your dresser

Scrub down a soap scum-stained shower door

Leave a sheet in a roasting pan with burnt-on food overnight
dryer sheets
While Method dryer sheets are designed for single use, they are perforated and can be ripped in half. A half sheet can easily be used for a small load, so you could get double the number of uses per carton if you have small dryer loads. And a half sheet can be used in these alternative ways:

Polish the chrome on showerheads, faucets and other small areas - like details on a car

Keep your thread knot-free by running the needle through a smaller dryer sheet before sewing

Rub yourself down with a small sheet before heading outside as a mosquito repellent

I recevied complimentary product.

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