Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring Cleaning Party #tryazon and #springcleaning

I was able to host a spring cleaning party with the help of complimentary Full Circle cleaning products, here is a little more about them.

How they started

Through their team's collective backgrounds in industrial design, manufacturing and sales, Full Circle develops new ways of making products with a major impact in the cleaning industry. To start, they collaborated with local growers, manufacturers and distributors to refine the process from start to finish. The results are innovative, well designed, responsibly made tools that help keep your home beautiful.


Full circle is proudly obsessed with detail and is determined to evolve the way everyday products are made. That’s why the four founders teamed up to create the first line of products that are as stylish as they are sensible, reducing unnecessary waste while elevating design. What started as a better way to think about products turned into a new way of creating healthier options that inspire smarter choices. Sustainability is great, design is vital, functionality is essential, and at Full Circle, all three of these aspects are necessary in their product

Cassandra's Review-  Although I was not able to round up a huge amount of guest for my party, I was able to try out the cleaning products and they work really well.  My favorite is the duster because of the ease of use and size of the handle.  It picks up really well and I will be able to use it for a long time as it did not fray or fall apart.  I am so glad to have an easier way to clean  up more around my home.

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