Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Shushybye has Netflix Launch #Netflix #Review #Shushybye

The Shushybye Music CD “Cool-Lection” ($44.88) is comprised of five individual best-selling Shushybye music CDs (69 songs in all) and saves 15% when purchased as the 5-CD collection.
shushie train Meet the Shushies

The Shushybye Music CD "Cool-lection" includes:

Shushybye & Goodnight: The Deluxe Edition
Close Your Eyes
My Newest Best Friend
Time to Tuck You InThe 

Shushybye music CDs are available from the Shushybye Shoppe located on the show’s website

About Shushybye:

Shushybye is the land that sits on a cloud high in the sky Shushybye where the resident Shushies (who live in such villages as Nap Valley and Snore Shore) make dreams for children that are delivered to them as they fall asleep. A favorite on BabyFirst (www.babyfirsttv.com), the dream-themed SHUSHYBYE television series has just launched on Netflix! 26 episodes of Shushybye are available for instant viewing anywhere at any time via Netflix.

 Each of the Netflix Shushybye episodes features three Shushybye songs, along with vignettes starring the Shushies that impart important social values for children while introducing them to the world of the creative arts. Behind Shushybye is the acclaimed music team of creator-songwriter Steve Syatt and music producer-singer Michael North. The melodies are incredibly catchy, while the lyrics are written expressly for children. The debut Shushybye CD (Shushybye and Goodnight) won a prestigious iParenting Award. Michael and the Shushybye Show perform live to sold-out audiences in cities across the country.

I recevied complimentary CDs.

Cassandra's Review-  Mellow with a little grove.  The music can calm, but has a  little pick up so that you're not hoping for it to end or for your baby to go to sleep so you can shut it off.  I have actually left it on just to relax after my little ones drifted off. 

 The artists have great softer voices that are not disturbing or loud in a way that would take from the music.  The lyrics are clean and some songs even have a little more pick up in tempo for some boogie time before bed.  

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