Friday, May 06, 2016

Doctor Eureka Game Review

 Dr. Eureka Ages 8 and UP
1-4 Players
The brilliant Dr. Eureka has important experiments for you to complete! Pick a challenge card, 3 test tubes and 6 colorful balls to solve his scientific formula.
 Carefully move your materials from tube to tube without dropping them, and position them as illustrated on the challenge card. This brain teasing party game can be played solitary or competitively.
 The high quality components and the creative concept make it a challenging game for the whole family.

Fine motor skills
Visual perception
Focus and attention
Processing speed
Play Time:  15 minutes
12 Test Tubes
24 Colorful Balls (8 Red, 8 Purple, 8 Green)
54 Challenge Cards
Illustrated Rules

I recevied a complimentary game.

Cassandra's review-  My family had fun playing this game and trying new ways to play.  We even timed a few rounds.  No matter what skill level your kids are at they can play this because it can be played at your pace and how you feel comfortable.  

The tubes are easy to hold and a great size for little hands as well.  The balls have a bold color that is very easy to see and the color choices make it easy to decipher while playing the game.   The kids even wanted to play with it after the game was over and just keep mixing up the balls.    

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