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The Judgment of Beatrice by W. B. Ross Review

Beatrice had a secretive and unusual life. In death, instead of eternal rest, she became a central figure in the battle between good and evil and God's desire to change the afterlife.

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 People cope with death in many different ways. Some turn to faith, while some turn away. When cardiologist W.B. Ross lost his daughter, Gayle, to acute lymphoblastic leukemia, he turned to writing and decided to dream up an entirely new idea of heaven and hell.

In Ross’ book “The Judgment of Beatrice,” he tells the story of Beatrice, a woman who led a highly unusual life, but who has an even more fantastic afterlife. In this fantasy novel, derived from Ross’ own dreams, he describes Beatrice’s post-mortem adventures and her role in the battle between good and evil.

“This is a challenge to the widely popular ideas of heaven and hell,” Ross said. “When you lose a child, you question everything. You explore every aspect of your faith and wonder what really happens to our souls after we die.”

A storyteller by nature, Ross had never written any of his tales down before his daughter died. He is a practicing cardiologist and works in the very hospital where he lost his only daughter fifteen years ago.

He treats patients in the same room that saw the end of Gayle’s battle with leukemia.

While the central character in “The Judgment of Beatrice” battles demons of her own, her story is one that was created from the hope of more beyond this world.

“This story is a completely new version of what takes place in the afterlife,” Ross said. “In a way, I gave Beatrice a life after death, unlike any other, to give myself hope for more for my daughter.”

About the author

W. B. Ross has two living children and had a daughter who died of leukemia at the age of eighteen. He has been happily married for over forty years.

You can purchase a copy of this book on Amazon.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's review-  To go into a new realm of possibility and creativity, while bringing forth the unknown in a way that only this author can develop, made this book a real twist to read.   It has so many elements of character and emotion that within the first couple of chapters I was decidedly not going to put it down until the end.

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