Monday, April 11, 2016

StickerKid Review

StickerKid is a great site filled with options to purchase customized labels.  They have a range of prices, so you could probably find some in your budget.

Right from the site:

"Camp Pack" of 150 labels

Going away to summer camp or ski camp? This is an important time when you will be making lots of new friends.
The challenge is to come back from camp with a suitcase as full as the one you left with.
To help you with this, we have created the ''Summer Camp Pack''.

Label all your belongings with the different size options:
- 44 medium labels
- 14 shoe labels
- 60 small labels
- 32 iron-on clothes labels

100% customizable labels

High quality print in the colors of your choice.

Incredibly strong and durable: 10 years warranty on durability, color sharpness and scratch resistance.

Weatherproof: Sun, sand and sea cannot harm our labels.

Home proof: Perfectly suitable for dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator.

Washer & Dryer resistant.

Essential for kindergarten, school, vacation, summer camps, toys, sports and afterschool programs.

Cassandra's review- The set above is a sample of what I was able to select and customize for my family.   The first thing that I enjoyed was how easy the site is set up and especially the customization process.   I was given enough choices to be able to enjoy the process without getting overwhelmed and they have stock images to use.

 The shipping was really fast which is great if you have excited kids waiting.   The labels do have kind of a garlic scent to them, but I am guessing it is just whatever was used to process them.   The labels are basic with no super special additions and work great.

 I was able to peel them off without any ripping.  I also had some small iron on labels and had good results with them.   So I am pleased with the whole experience and would recommend checking the site out.

I recevied complimentary product.

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