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Sarah Showfety’s Dear Baby: I’m Sorry Tour and Giveaway

About the Book

Dear Baby: I’m Sorry is the perfect compilation of all those parenting moments we should apologize for. Probably.

Dear Baby:

Sorry that half of your calories today came from dust bunnies.

Sorry I refer to your morning nap as my first victory of the day.

Sorry I put you to bed knowing full well you had avocado in your hair.

Sorry I timed how long it was after you woke up before you cried about nothing. It was fifty-seven seconds. Try harder.

Dear Baby: I’m Sorry captures the comical, everyday mishaps of parenting—and the poor kids who have to put up with us.

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About the Author

In addition to being a pro bono toddler personal chef, chaffeur and dry cleaner, Sarah Showfety is a writer whose work has been featured in Today Parents, the Huffington Post, ABC News, Buzzfeed, the New York Post, Yahoo!, the Daily Mail, and other publications. She has appeared on The Doctors, The Better Show, and The Lisa Oz Show. She is the creator of the popular blog Dear Baby XO and the humorous web series Pregnancy 411: Stuff You Need to Know if You Have a Fetus.

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Letter from the Author

Dear Exhausted Moms of the World:

I’d like to tell you a story about how I became the world’s foremost Baby Apologizer. (And how my book Dear Baby: I’m Sorry…Apologiesfor Life’s Little Parenting Fails came to be…)

When I first had my baby, my sense of humor went on hiatus. Sure, sometimes I felt amazed and content, but often I was a weeping, cranky mess. The first day home from the hospital, I stared at my perfect child in disbelief that she was going to be in our apartment, needing me, all the time. As all mothers know, having a baby is a gift and miracle, and it is also totally overwhelming.

One day, a vestige of my former self emerged. When I was nursing my infant, for the millionth time it seemed, whiling away those 20 to 30 minutes, I thought, I wish she’d hurry up so I can have a glass of Chardonnay. Then I laughed. Out loud, to myself.

I immediately felt the need to apologize. And then realized I had more inappropriate parenting thoughts to confess. So I started a list.

Soon, it was a few pages long. Adding to the list made me smile, every time. It was so much fun to poke holes in the rosy, child-friendly sentiments moms are supposed to think and feel. After hibernating, my sense of humor was back.

I thought, if I'm thinking these un-PC things, other moms must be thinking them too. And they could probably use a laugh.

So I started the Dear Baby XO Facebook page as “a place to confess parenting crimes.” Not REAL crimes. Crimes like telling your baby there are Cheerios in the hamper so she’ll climb into it and leave you alone for one second... or taking a picture of her face plant on the couch before helping her up.

Mostly, it was an outlet for me to laugh. Those first few months of child-rearing were exhausting and frightening. The most challenging moments (like entire days alone with a colicky baby) felt like a tunnel – will this ever end? Will she ever go to sleep on her own? Will I ever feel like I have a purpose besides burping, bathing, soothing, feeding, folding, cleaning and butt-wiping?

Writing Dear Baby apologies was a way to lighten my day – and express my love of comedy in a bite-size way. When I saw the enthusiastic response, I realized it was helping other people laugh after rough days with their own babies.

When I had the chance to put together the most popular Dear Baby apologies and craft a ton of all new material for the book, I was thrilled. Dear Baby: I’m Sorry…is the perfect compilation of all those sub-par parenting moments we should apologize for. Probably.

I think you’ll like Dear Baby: I’m Sorry… because it’s real. It’s the messy, irreverent truth about parenting, not a sanitized version. Maybe it will even give you room to feel a smidge less guilt, or a bit more permission to go try on scented lotions and browse crap you don’t need in random stores instead of coming right home after that dentist appointment. (Hell, I did. And I’d do it again).

It’s also compact, and a breeze to read on four hours sleep. Dear Baby: I’m Sorry… requires very little brain activity on behalf of the sleep-deprived parent! It’s just instantly relatable pictures of a baby in comical situations paired with hilariously dry captions. Easy.

Besides belly laughs, I hope you will take away the idea that it’s okay to do things “wrong” (in fact, it is impossible to do everything “right”) and to see that some of our less glowing thoughts about parenthood are totally normal.

I hope Dear Baby: I’m Sorry… will make you laugh until you snort coffee through your nose. And see that it is 100% fine to polish off the Cheddar Bunnies and take Facebook personality quizzes during the baby’s nap time instead of folding the damn laundry – again.


I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  While I have not had the experience of some of these I'm sorry moments, they are fun to read about.  I am sure parents everywhere will enjoy this book because it is funny.  
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