Thursday, April 07, 2016

Petlinks® Toys Review


About from Petsmart site:

Your cat will love chasing this electronic concealed mouse. The toy replicates the movement of hidden prey to entice your cat and encourage play. Let your feline friend engage in a game of cat-and-mouse with this Petlinks Mystery Motion Concealed-Mouse Motion Cat Toy. The thrill of the hunt for the concealed mouse excites your cat and encourages healthy activity. The toy is programmable for 4 different settings with the push of a button.

For cats
Replicates movement of hidden prey to entice cat
Programmable for 4 different speeds
Encourages healthy activity
Locate and open the battery compartment on bottom of the toy with a Phillips screwdriver and insert 3/AA batteries (not included); ensure the batteries are placed in the correct polarity (+/-); replace compartment cover
Insert the mouse toy attachment securely to the male extension on the base; it will fit snugly when aligned
On the top center control, twist and rotate the collar ring counter-clockwise and lift to remove it; place the fabric cover over the base and replace the collar ring; twist ring clockwise to lock and secure
Press button to power on and repeat to select slow, middle, fast and random speeds; the red LED lights indicate the 4 speeds available; press repeatedly to power off
Wipe outside of toy with a clean, moist towel; dry thoroughly; do not immerse in water
Batteries Required: 3/AA (not included)

The Petlinks Plush Player Refillable Catnip Toy is all about excitement - just what your frisky feline craves. The soft-bodied plush squirrel has a fluffy tail to attract attention along with catnip stimulation inside. Refill with the included Petlinks Pure Bliss organic catnip.

Features: Catnip adds to the excitement of this fun plush squirrel toy.
Includes: 1 Plush Player Refillable Catnip Toy (includes catnip)
Intended For: Cats
Activity: Hunt & Stalk, Swat & Pounce
Color: Brown
Size: 5"L

I recevied complimentary product.

Cassandra's review-  So the motion cat toy was super fun for some of my cats while others had no real interest, so it is going to be fun based on your cat's level of play.   It is a little noisy and can get caught on things, but it was easy to set up and can be placed anywhere flat.  

  The squirrel was more interesting to my cats when I filled it with their normal catnip, because the one included just was not going to get anyones attention.   I think that because the toy is so big, it is more suited for a small dog.  If it was a little bit easier for my cats to play with they might have really took to it.  

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