Monday, April 18, 2016

HUNTING HOPE by Nika Maples Tour @WorthyPub @NikaMaples #HuntingHope

by Nika Maples


When you can’t see any hope in a season of difficulty, hunt for it by holding onto God’s character and letting Him develop your own. Hunting Hope suggests that there are signs of spring to be found in every dark winter season in our lives. Through real life examples and biblical insight, Nika Maples uses illustrations from her own life and from the lives of others to show that, in Christ, there is always hope, even in hardship. At twenty, Nika learned that when hope was all she had, she claimed it boldly while defying all odds to recover from a devastating stroke. The lessons from that struggle are powerful and universal.


When Nika was twenty years old a massive brainstem stroke left her unable to walk, speak, or even blink. Doctors warned her family she had as little as 48 hours to live. While trapped within her own body, unable to communicate her consciousness, all Nika could do was pray. Her faith sustained her and a year later she walked back onto her college campus on her own two feet. Nika went on to earn a BS in mass communication and an MA in English Education. In 2007 she was named the Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year. She now writes and speaks full time, sharing her story of hope and endurance with groups across the country. Nika lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's review- The author has shared her heart in this book and created a gift for anyone feeling down. While reading this I was able to feel more of a spiritual uplifting and I believe that anyone that takes the time to read it will get a blessing even if it just increased faith.  Everyone deserves the chance to hope.

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