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FishFlix com Review

Christian Movies
FishFlix .com  Is one of the top destinations on the web for Christian and Family Friendly DVDs.

At FishFlix, They believe that media and entertainment are gifts from God that help us spread his message with creativity and excellence. Their goal is to serve you and your family Christian movies you can enjoy together. Reclaim family time together, learning from and enjoying top Christian movies and TV programs that enrich your hearts while putting smiles on your faces! They offer all the top new release Christian movies and feature films.

Buy Christian Movies on | Theo Vol 3 Gods Heart DVD
I recevied a complimentary DVD.


Teaching children God’s word. With Theo, learning about God and who he has called us to be is easy and fun!  Each lesson focuses on a spiritual topic that both entertains and teaches children about key aspects in the Christian faith.  All three lessons are about 10 minutes each!  Theo Vol 3 Gods Heart DVD is a 3 week family bible study that includes a 16 page parents’ guide, scripture references, a family activity, discussion questions, and nightly devotionals.

Lesson 7 – Justification
If only God could somehow make sinners righteous without violating His holy character and justice. But that’s just what He did through a process known as justification, a legal term that means, “to declare righteous.” Big word, huh? Theo makes it simple for children––and his two mischievous church mice––to understand, by telling the beautiful story of the thief on the cross, who was justified by his faith in Jesus.

Lesson 8 – Adoption
All of us want to belong to a caring family, full of unconditional love, don’t we?   When Theo welcomes a dog named Bumper into his home, a suspicious Luther and Belfry want him out!   That is, until Bumper saves them from a life-threatening encounter with Scratch the cat! Using the beautiful and touching story seen in the Shoebox Bible Theatre, Theo illustrates the biblical teaching of adoption in the Bible, to show how God lovingly welcomes homeless sinners into His family.

Lesson 9 – A Day in Prayer
In this episode we catch an insightful glimpse into Theo’s daily prayer life, which is basically an illustration of the Lord’s Prayer model to His disciples.  It is important that we learn how to pray, but it is also important to learn how not to pray.  We are taught both examples through the Shoebox Bible Theatre and through our humorous UPA sequences.  Meanwhile, our two mice friends are faced with a problem of going without their daily cheese, and Belfry learns that we “have not because we ask not.”

Theo Vol 3: God's Heart DVD List Price : $14.99
Price : $7.97
You Save : $7.02 (47%)

Cassandra's Review- To be able to find a site that is just filled with DVDs for everyone is awesome.  You do not have to scan through and hide things from your family because there is wholesome goodness and faith shared.   You will find romance, but not dirty or sickening movies and enjoy DVDs like Little House on the Prairie.

If you do not have cable or teach a religious homeschool, this site is going to be great.  My family is on a steep budget, so buying one DVD at a time would not be practical, but hopefully this site will become like other channels that I could pay a one time subscription to.

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