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Cici Reno: Middle School Matchmaker by Kristina Springer Tour and review

Cici Reno: MiddleSchoolMatchmaker
Middle school is a test, but Cici Reno has all the answers. She's the go-to girl for advice. She's cool, she's funny, and she's enlightened (thanks to yoga classes at her mom's studio). So when her pretty BFF, Aggie, is too shy to speak to the boy she's crushing on, Cici goes online and does the talking for her. The only problem is, Cici starts to fall for the guy herself! For the first time in her life. she doesn't have a clue.

Yoga and Tweens By:

Kristina Springer

I write fun fiction books for tweens and I also have a household of them (4 kids= 7, 9, 11, and 13). With my newest middle grade book, Cici Reno #MiddleSchoolMatchMaker, I decided to make yoga a key component throughout the book.

Cici Reno, is the 12 ¾ yr old enlightened daughter of a Yogi. When she’s not helping out at her mom’s beloved Peony Lane Yoga Studio or taking a class herself, she’s solving all of the 7th grade’s problems, be it boy trouble or BFF drama. When her shy best friend Aggie asks for Cici’s help in getting the attention of the boy she likes, Cici goes online and does the talking for her. Only the more they talk, the more she falls for him herself. What’s a girl to do?

Throughout the book I began each chapter with a tweet from Cici (@yogagirl4ever) in which she instructs readers in how to do a yoga pose and what the benefit of that pose is. Adults everywhere have fallen in love with yoga but I find yoga to be a great activity for kids this age as well. It’s stressful being a kid and yoga helps them deal with life’s problems and release negative energy. My kids take yoga classes with me and they love how they feel after a great class. Not to mention, since they’re young and flexible they can get into all of the tough positions so they also find it rewarding.

Here are three yoga poses and what they help heal:

Butterfly Pose-

While sitting on the ground with your back straight, bend your knees and bring your feet together so that the soles touch.

~Helps you open your mind and your heart.~

Warrior One Pose-

Stand up straight and step your left leg back a few feet. Bend right knee so it’s above the ankle. Turn left foot out slightly. Raise arms above your head and look up.

~Helps you to feel brave and confident when you are feeling meek.~

`Happy Baby Pose-

While laying on your back, bend your knees and bring your feet toward you. Hook each index finger with each of your big toes and rock side to side like a happy baby.

~Helps you to feel an inner calmness.~

Next time the tween in your life needs to open up about an issue, feel confident about a situation, or just feel some inner peace, have him or her try one of these poses. And check out Cici Reno at any of these outlets:

Twitter , Facebook, or Instagram


I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's review-  Great for middle school aged girls that think it is fun to flirt a bit and get into dating.  While I personally would not let my children do any of the online stuff that cici does, just for my own safety reasons, this is definitely a girly book. 

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