Monday, April 11, 2016

Breast Pad Ever from Fairhaven Health Review

Breast Pad Ever

Overview of the product:

The Breast Pad Ever!- the Last Nursing Pad You'll Ever Buy

The Breast Pad Ever represents an entirely new concept in nursing pads, providing you with unrivaled leak protection, maximum comfort, ultimate convenience, and perhaps most surprising - flattering lift and support.

Unlike some of the thinner reusable nursing pads available that only absorb a tiny amount of breast milk before becoming saturated, the Breast Pad Ever is thick and sturdy, providing you with the ultimate in protection for even your leakiest moments.

The Breast Pad Ever has a contoured design, and is thickest at the bottom where most of your leaked milk will pool, thereby providing maximum absorption, as well as some gentle support and lift. It has three layers - a spongy, absorbent inner core; a thin, durable waterproof outer layer; and a smooth bamboo rayon layer that touches your skin.

And if you are out and about when your Breast Pad Ever nursing pads finally become full - no problem! Just remove the pads from your bra, squeeze them out, and then slip them back into your bra. The pads will continue to absorb milk and you won't need to carry around extra pads or worry about leaking on to your clothes.

And, when you get home, you can hand wash and air dry your pads, or throw them in the machine washer and dryer. Who says great leak protection can't be comfortable, convenient, supportive, AND provide subtle lift?p, that's right - you can throw these in the washer and dryer at the end of the day!

I recevied complimentary product.

Cassandra's review-  The cup was easy to fit into a standard and maternity bra without shifting around or becoming a hassle.   It feels like a towel on the inside of the cup and is comforting to painful breast.  You do have to keep track of the amount going into each pad and take the time to properly squeeze them out or it can get a bit messy.

 I decided to try mine with some water and make sure that I would be safe.  It does hold a good amount and after squeezing it, the outer part can get wet but it does not take super long to dry and actually running these under the hand dryer while in a store worked good after a few tries.  If used correctly I would think only 4 pairs of these would be needed but that it because of the different colors and having spares.

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