Friday, March 04, 2016

LOVE AND BLESSED BOX Review and Contest Giveaway #LoveAndBlessed #FlyBy


Unlike many subscription boxes, loved+blessed® is about hope and encouragement, rather than products.  As a cause box, they measure the value of their boxes a little differently than many other companies.

 Each month they send a box of encouragement to your loved+blessed® ladies with a different theme that they hope will brighten their month, help them get through the challenges of life and help them to pass encouragement along to someone else.

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I recevied a complimentary box.

I think this is a great gift for older people who might be lonely and really need a gift of encouragement.  My box included 1 sticker, a plastic birdhouse a little smaller then my hand and two plastic bird/keychain/whistles that both were small enough to fit inside it as well as a super mini poster and a credit card sized scripture card that I hung on my wall instead of placing in my purse as it would just get lost.   The whole purpose of this box is to share blessing and faith with someone special.  I think this would be great gift for a grandma or grandad  this Easter.

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