Thursday, March 17, 2016

Enjoy healthy, stress-free meals all week @prepdish #prepdish @usfg

$4 FREE Trial @prepdish Enjoy healthy, stress-free meals all week #prepdish @usfg

Planning ahead is key when it comes to avoiding processed food. That's because when you don't have a plan is when you find yourself looking for a quick option, which sometimes ends up being the drive-thru. So I'm excited to share with you about a service that will make eating real food SO much easier in the New Year!

- Prep Dish, is a meal planning service

- each week, you receive an email that contains an organized grocery list & instructions for prepping your meals ahead of time

- the key is spending 2-3 hours prepping meals ahead of time, this creates a time saving throughout the week!

- utilizes seasonal ingredients

- no more scrambling at 5p, no more take-out!

- yummy, tasty, chef-created recipes

- healthy food (nothing processed!), naturally gluten-free, Paleo plans available

About Prep Dish

Allison, the creator of Prep Dish, is a personal chef with training from Johnson & Wales; she also has culinary experience from two world-renowned health spas, including Canyon Ranch. She's also a registered dietician - all of which she incorporates into her recipe creations. And today she'd love to offer you a very special deal on her meal plans!

I recevied complimentary subscription.

Cassandra's Review-  The site does not give you free food or any type of gift card etc to buy the food.  It is simply designed to give you a list of foods to eat and portions that help you to eat them correctly.  While I do not feel that I personally benefit from this, simply because I am really good at preplanning meals that I can actually afford and enjoy.

There are a lot of people out there that have no idea what to eat and when and so this works to help them. I also like to save ink and in order to get the ingredients you will have to either write or print them out and also the plans if you want to stay on top of them or constantly check on updates.  

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