Sunday, March 06, 2016

Center Ring by Nicole Waggoner Review

About Center Ring

One evening, Norah Merrit, a dedicated obstetrician known for her bedside manner and service to Doctors Without Borders, walks into Girl’s Night Out with a confession that shakes the group to its core.  In the aftermath of Norah’s revelation, each of her “sister friends” -- photojournalist Camille, stay-at-home mom Leila, publicist Ellison and designer Kate -- are left questioning their roads-not-taken and revisiting the vastly different choices they’ve made in love and life.  Told in alternating points of view between the five friends, Center Ring is a story about modern women finding balance through action, relationships and growth as well as a deep examination of the power of female friendship and its complex bonds.

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About The Author
Nicole Waggoner
Nicole Waggoner, author of Center Ring (She Writes Press, 2016), is an award-winning teacher of upper-level English and Literary Criticism courses in Norman, Oklahoma.  She has received particular acclaim for her intensive study symposiums including Fitzgerald’s World: A Labyrinth of Gilded Cages, Timed Writing Hacks for Anxious Test Takers, and Essential French for Travel.  Nicole lives with her biggest fans — her husband and two children — in Norman, Oklahoma, where she sits on the board of the Cleveland County YMCA and plays an active role with local initiatives supporting literacy, women’s health and the working poor.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  I have never really had the true feeling or ability to bond with people the way that this book creates it.  I really enjoyed taking part in spending time with each of the  characters as they are all very well written and placed in the story.  I felt a mix of delight and sadness during my two sittings in which it took to finish the book (over 400 pages).  I think that this author must be a real joy to spend time with and a blessing to know.  Her work is very powerful and aims for the heart.

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