Thursday, March 17, 2016

5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn't Quit by Nicki Koziarz Review

Have you ever gotten to the place where you just couldn’t take it anymore?

Dreams. Programs. Jobs. Relationships. There are so many different areas where we feel like calling it quits.

It’s time for an honest conversation on how not to give in to the temptation to give up.

Nicki Koziarz is a woman who has thrown in the towel a time or two. In fact, she’s quit just about everything in her life. But with God’s help, she’s discovered a few habits that have helped her and others conquer the choice to quit.

5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit will enable you to:
Evaluate the internal personal struggles that make you want to quit.
Cultivate consistent habits to help you progress toward your goals.
Receive a fresh dose of perspective from the Bible that will help you develop perseverance.
You are not made to quit! Join Nicki as she identifies five habits to help you keep going no matter what struggles may come your way.
Nicki Koziarz
About the Author
Nicki Koziarz is an author and speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries. Each week she helps lead thousands of women through P31 Online Bible Studies. She and her husband, Kris, own a fixer upper farm just outside Charlotte, North Carolina. There they are raising their three beautiful [but hormonal] daughters, a barnyard of misfit animals, and one slightly famous pug. After a broken experience in the church, Nicki is consumed with learning to lead her generation on the pursuit of truth and love.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

You can purchase this book on Amazon.

Cassandra's Review- The author has a great way of sharing her faith and adding a lot of great knowledge behind it.  The journey is so real and a lot of it hits home with me, as I have been through similar events and times when I thought that I would never get back on my feet.

 Even now with having to choose between driving a car that is completely unsafe and putting my families lives at risk or my own, or just not using it at all and the struggle to know that I can never afford to get a new car or even a used one.

The hassle of begging for a ride to the store or doctor, because it is impossible to walk miles to the nearest ones especially with a child.  I have been suffering for years like this and every time I think of a great way to maybe help myself, it just never works out.

 So I gain weight and get stressed and start to give up.   I become more of an introvert which is not usually like me.  I get so sad everyday just with the overwhelming stress, that most people would not even realize not having a safe working vehicle would bring.

I even go into deep minutes or prayer in hopes the God will move for me, but this book is a great pick me up and shares strength. Even though it will not fix my problem, it does inspire me to keep fighting for my family and maybe one day we will be blessed.

I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling down and out just for some encouragement and strength.

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