Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sugar Bowl Bakery’s treats Review @SugarBowlBakery

Sugar Bowl Bakery’s mission is to produce and market the highest quality baked goods and continue to develop a brand name that inspires trust and quality.


I received complimentary product.

I was excited to find out that about some of the new products.

Cassandra's Review- The Batter crisps are really thin and hard.  They do not taste as wonderful as the other products that the bakery creates and I was not really excited about them. 

They have a Lemon flavored Madeleines and I think they taste on point with a lemon meringue pie, which is really outstanding.  My family was thrilled to be able to try them.  They seem to be a little thinner and came in a smaller package than the original madeleines. It is easy to want to eat them all, but paired with a tea or hot chocolate, these are really good. 

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