Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Nixall® Review

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Unlike traditional cleansers that contain harsh chemicals, Nixall® contains hypochlorous acid, a naturally occurring molecule of the human body, making it a very powerful deodorizer and cleaner, but still totally safe to use around your family and pets.

Replacement for the everyday chemical cleansers
Perfect for kitchen countertops and bathrooms
Safe for use in the nursery or changing table *
Safe for hands, and ideal for traveling in airports, hotels, public bathrooms, store carts, and rest stops *

Deodorizes rooms, cars, lockers and trash cans
Can be used in humidifiers or air cleaning systems
Non-toxic to humans and pets
Contains No VOCs, petrochemicals, sulfates or bleach
Environmentally safe and responsible

* Nixall Cleanser is not to be used as an antimicrobial disinfectant or sanitizer to kill or mitigate bacteria, viruses or pests on any surface - Please use the Nixall Disinfectant/Sanitizer.

Nixall First Aid Solution for cuts, wounds, abrasions and burns.
As seen on site:

Nixall® First Aid is simple and easy to use: Just spray it on!
Recognized by outdoorsmen and moms as the ‘must have product’ for skin management, Nixall® First Aid Solution is for all minor mishaps that happen at, or away from home. So carry Nixall® First Aid with you wherever you go!

Safe for minor wounds and irritations caused by:
Cuts and scratches
Insect bites/stings
Poisoned plant sap irritations
Rashes & Scrapes and so much more
Because Nixall® First Aid works helps to oxygenate the skin, frequent and regular applications will also help accelerate the process, and return your skin back to its normal healthy state.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's review-  The cleanser does not have a strong or harmful scent.  It works fast without having to use the whole bottle.   The first aid spray is simple to use and did not leave a sticky or slime feeling on my skin.

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