Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Keep your teens safe with 5 apps and devices to monitor teen drivers @insuranceQts

According to insuranceQuotes, below are 5 apps and devices to monitor teen driving

1. Star Driver. Allstate's Star Driver program encourages parents and teens to agree on limits about how fast, where and when teens should drive. The Drivewise app for iPhone and Android devices can alert parents by text messages when teens arrive at their destinations. The app collects data about driving speed, time of day, hard braking events and driving routes.

2. Teen Driver. General Motors has released technology that enables cars to give teen drivers visual and audible warnings when they exceed speeds preset by parents. If the warnings are ignored, they will surface in "vehicle report cards" that show how far and how fast the teens drove. To gain access, parents enter passwords on the GM MyLink telematics system. The first GM car to have this feature is the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu. Reports to parents list any vehicle safety features that were used while teens were driving, such as stability control and antilock brakes.

3. Snapshot. The Snapshot device isn't specifically marketed for teens, but Progressive says it can improve teen driving habits. Plugged into a diagnostic port, Snapshot beeps when the driver brakes too hard. Snapshot also monitors the time of day driving occurred and the number of miles driven. If your teen brakes hard too often, your car insurance rates may increase, depending on what state you live in and the terms of your Progressive agreement. For instance, in Nebraska there's a maximum 20 percent discount for safe driving habits and a maximum 10 percent increase for risky habits, such as braking too hard.

4. Sprint Drive First. Designed for Android smartphones with Sprint service, Drive First enables parents to establish rules for teens' behind-the-wheel behavior. A software download is required to activate the service on existing phones. Once the car begins moving, an app deactivates some features of the teen's smartphone to discourage its use while the teen is driving. People who call or send text messages will get an automatic reply that the driver isn't available.

5. OnBoard Teen Safe Driver. Free for AAA members, OnBoard Teen Safe Driver allows parents to create alerts to notify them when teens arrive or depart from locations such as school or work. Parents also receive alerts when the device is disconnected or when the agreed-upon speed limit has been exceeded.

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