Monday, January 04, 2016

Woolies - New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls #Woolies

Out of fabric softener and dryer sheets again? Does it seem like you are constantly buying these laundry essentials a little too frequently? If you have a large family, you most likely go through a lot of liquid detergent and scented dryer sheets. Did you know there is a great, all natural and organic solution to your problems?

Woolies Dryer Balls are the perfect solution to your laundry woes. Each set of Woolies comes with a set of 6 large wool dryer balls that are 7cm in diameter, slightly larger than a tennis ball. You can now cross off fabric softener and dryer sheets from your grocery list PERMANENTLY! Your set of Woolies last up to 1,000 loads! But how long will it take to do 1,000 loads, you ask? Let's say you do 4 loads of laundry faithfully every single week - that means your Woolies will keep going strong for almost 5 years! Compare that to what you would spend on liquid softener and dryer sheets over a period of 5 years. That is much more than you would spend on a set of your own Woolies.

Go green and organic with your own set of Woolies. They leave your laundry feeling soft and also reduces the amount of chemicals that embed your clothing and touch your skin throughout your lifetime. Have allergies? Woolies are perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies as there are no added perfumes or chemicals. For a great smelling load of laundry, drop 4-6 drops of your favorite scented essential oil on each Woolies Dryer Ball and throw in with your wet laundry to be dried.

To reduce static cling, avoid over-drying your laundry load.


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