Monday, January 11, 2016

The Complete Book of Home Organization By Toni Hammersley of A Bowl Full of Lemons Review

For anyone who has wished for the time and tools to organize their homes into clutter-free, design-conscious, Pinterest-worthy spaces, the perfect hands-on manual is here. From storage solutions and cleaning tips to secret space-saving methods and expert strategies, The Complete Book of Home Organization is packed with tips and shortcuts to effectively organize your home.

While we try to live a balanced life within the walls of our homes, most days the dog is chasing the cat, and dinner is bubbling over the stovetop. In this easy to read, beautifully photographed book, organization blogger Toni Hammersley will teach readers how to maintain balance in their homes and regain the love they felt when they first moved in. From solutions for tiny apartments to tackling a big, messy home, this book covers it all. The Complete Book of Home Organization spells out everything you need to keep your home—and life—in tip-top shape.

Toni takes readers through each space, combing through the unknown, purging, donating and categorizing. The book includes weekly challenges, including checklists, to make tasks enjoyable and easy to tackle. Readers will have new tools to keep track of their pantries, holiday and craft supplies, weekly menu planning, and schedules. From the basement to the attic, this book covers every nook and cranny.

It’s time to tackle the mess and take back your space.

Toni Hammersley is the creator and writer of the popular home organizing and entertaining blog A Bowl Full of Lemons, which inspires thousands of people around the world to get their lives in order. She hosts a popular 14-week organizing challenge each year, aimed at helping her readers conquer clutter. She is also a registered nurse and photographer. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband and three children.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  The first thing that caught my eye was the unique book cover and colorfulness.  The book is very well organized and the ideas are easy to utilize around the home.  Each little challenge is really fun and this is a great way to help your kids learn more about organizing while creating a beautiful place.

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