Monday, January 11, 2016

Pizza Cutter #TipnToss

TOP QUALITY; Luxurious wooden handle with high class stainless steel. Attention to details in material selection and craftsmanship.

EXCELLENT USER EXPERIENCE; Well proportioned in terms of weight and size. You will feel in control. Swift and smooth cutting experience in one rocking motion. Pizza top remains intact.
STYLE AND PRESENTATION; Smart looking. Inner Packaging is suitable for presentation as a gift to friends and new homeowners.

STORAGE and CLEANING; Easy storage with hanging hole. Also stores in a drawer or on magnet. Hassle free washing and cleaning. Run through soapy water and clean by a dry cloth.

GO BEYOND PIZZA CUTTING; Multi-purpose elegant looking smart utensil. Cut, Chop and scoop your vegetables, fruit, chicken, meat and herbs. Cut your BBQed kebabs or Naans (Indian Bread).

Never again you will complain about messy pizza top or a frustrating cutting experience.
You will be amazed with the speed, precision and control on your pizza cutting.This pizza cutter is Equally Suitable for household or professional kitchens.
One easy rocking motion is what you need to cut across your pizza diameter. Cut, chop and spread your toppings with this smart utensil. Lift the pizza or its slices with the same tipNtoss tool.

- With most of the pizza cutters, you struggle with a simple task of cutting your pizza smoothly i.e wheel is wobbly, cutting blade is not fit for purpose, handle is inconvenient etc.
- Most of the cutters don't let you a cut through your pizza with one swift rocking motion.
- You end up retrying your cuts thereby causing rework and a messy pizza top.
- Lots of pizza cutters start fine but then don't last for long.
- Most of pizza cutters are confined to cutting pizzas only.

This "TipNToss" pizza cutter is going to take all the issues away from a clean and swift pizza cutting.What's more? It is durable, attractive and multipurpose.

- Rubber wood solid handle for easy and firm grip. NOT a hollow or a wobbly handle.
- No additional sharpening required. This Stainless steel knife is built for multipurpose cutting.
- Smart looking and gives you control of your cutting item.
- Easy to clean and wash.


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