Monday, January 11, 2016

Night ProVision™ LINE 120F #rearbikelight

 ✔ ULTRA HIGH INTENSITY, SLIM SIZE, & FEATHER WEIGHT: 1.4oz @ 120 Lumens; LINE 120F  delivers the highest lumen output for its weight and compact size

     ✔ NIGHT PROVISION™ LIFETIME WARRANTY GUARANTEE: A 100% no hassle, no questions asked,        money back guarantee for a lifetime. We are so confident and serious about our products that we can back      the NIPRO RED with a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

     ✔ MOST VERSATILE BIKE LIGHT: Position LINE Vertically or Horizontally; Adjust LINE higher or lower          with 2 clicks; Mount LINE on anywhere with 4 secure slotted holes in the stretchable rubber straps

     ✔ MICRO USB RECHARGEABLE: Save money and never buy another battery again. Charge quickly at         any USB outlet.

✔ WATER & SHOCK PROOF: ABS polymer & rubber seals allows for protection from shocks, drops, and rainy days.
The Night Provision LINE 120 is the brightest light on the market for it's size. Delivering a super high intense 120 Lumens alarms everyone your passing by, ensuring the safest riding experience, day or night. No more runs to the store to buy expensive toxic batteries. Charge conveniently with any USB device. It takes only 2 hrs for a single full charge. This compact, yet powerful headlight light consists of 6 modes: (Standard 6:20), (High Beam 2:45), (Overdrive 1:40), (50% Flash 5:10), (100% Flash 3:00), (Epilepsy Strobe 2:50). There are 4 secure slots in the stretchable rubber straps, allowing users to mount on almost anything imaginable. Choose to position LINE 120 Vertically or Horizontally. Adjust with 2 clicks to position LINE 120 higher or lower at your desired angle. Rubber gaskets installed in the casing to ensure water resistance, so no worries on rainy days. 100% Safety improvement; This ultra high-powered lighting output will increase your visibility to the vehicles surround you in the dark. 100% Versatile; this light can be strapped on your helmet, your backpack, your bike, your stroller, boats, and your pet's collar. Be creative and strap it on anywhere.

I received complimentary product.

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