Friday, January 08, 2016

NeckSnug™ Luxury Memory Foam Travel Pillow #spon

NeckSnug™ Luxury Memory Foam Travel Pillow - Perfect For Car Airplane and Train - BEST U-Shaped Neck Pillow To Provide Maximum Support And Comfort - 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE!

You can purchase this on Amazon.

BEST QUALITY TRAVEL PILLOW ON AMAZON.COM - Provides maximum comfort on the move allowing you to get a good night's sleep anywhere!

ELASTIC CARRY STRAP - Means that it is easily attached to luggage as well that to your travel seat.

THERMO SENSITIVE MEMORY FOAM - Molds to your neck allowing your head to sink back into a comfortable sleeping position - perfect for those that suffer from back and neck pain.

WASHABLE MICROFIBER COVER - The zippered cover is easily removed to wash giving you that fresh clean pillow feeling!

FITS ALL SIZED NECKS - The size of the pillow combined with the high quality memory foam means it will fit to necks and shoulders of all shapes and sizes - ideal for adults and kids!

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