Thursday, January 14, 2016

MagBox Make MagSafe 2 Charging Your Phone #magsafe2

✔ Use existing MagSafe 2 charger to charge your MacBook and your android or iOS Phones
✔ Magnetic interface with MacBook and other original MacBook accessories
✔ Retains the design philosophy and theme of the MacBook or rather apple products family
✔ Superior quality finish
✔ High performance cables and connectors for faster charging
✔ Easy to connect and use
✔ Easy to Carry - lightweight and portable

BUTEFO MagBox Macbook MagSafe 2 Charger to Micro USB and Lightning Converter and Adapter Set - Charges iPhones and Android Phones - Revolutionary Macbook Accessory (MagSafe 2 to Micro USB/Lightning)

EMPOWER YOUR MagSafe 2 CHARGER - BUTEFO MagBox MagSafe 2 converter can transform your macbook charger to an intelligent device which can also be used for charging your phones that are either micro USB or lightning cable compatible (i.e, be it android based phone or any iPhone 5 or above). This eliminates the need to clutter your desk with multiple chargers or carry a lot of them while traveling. With this gadget, you can stay smart and charge even more smartly.

MAGNETIC INTERFACE - The device is designed in line with original macbook design philosophy. The interface with macbook and all its original accessories is magnetic and allows for easy connection and removal - quite convenient, ain't it? The magnetic connection also ensures that even if you trip over your charging cable then you are less likely to fling your expensive macbook across the room in this process.

HIGH QUALITY, IMPROVED PERFORMANCE - The world's first of its kind solution is also superior in its quality as it uses the best magnets required for its purpose and the good quality micro usb cables too. This allows for easy and better connection, less power loss and faster charging. The converter comes with a mini adapter which easily converts from micro USB to a lighting cable.

COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT AND SUPERIOR FINISH - BUTEFO MagSafe 2 Converter and adapter set is lightweight and compact which makes it quite easy to carry anywhere you go and even more easier to use. Provides perfect support for iOS 9.1 system. The superior surface finish ensures the premium look and feel, and an appearance that makes it look like part of the macbook family itself.

I received complimentary product.

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