Monday, January 11, 2016

LINKYO Color Liquid Chalk Marker Pens #Linkyo

Whether you are browsing a bistro/café, looking at grocery store promotions, passing a car with "Congrats" on the window or at a festive wedding, chalkboard art is everywhere. Every day you see a world full of color that brings emotions to life. Take hold of these feelings and color your world the way you see it. Liquid chalk makes all this possible, and now you can join the fun!

These simple-to-use LINKYO professional-grade chalk ink markers are equipped with premium reversible tips - choose a chisel tip or a round tip! For your convenience, we've included 2 replacement tips absolutely FREE! Whether you are an inspiring artist, an enthusiastic crafter, or a family with creative kids, these chalk paint pens allow you to turn a simple project into a rich and bold magnificent work of art.

The liquid chalk pens meet U.S and European conforming art standards and provide you with 20 chalk markers, each with 8 grams of exceptional artist-quality chalk ink that can be erased on any non-porous surface (see caution label).

Boring meetings? Use our liquid chalk pens on whiteboards and erase away.
Dull café menu? These are ideal bistro chalk markers that will brighten up any non-porous chalkboard or sign.

Bland wedding decorations? The WHITE, SILVER and GOLD markers are perfect for adding that special touch.

Unorganized? Write on chalk ink labels with our chalk ink pens and place the labels on items like mason jars, drawers, and storage units, making elegant order out of messy chaos.
Generic holiday cards? Use our GOLD and SILVER chalk ink with stamps to create a festive vintage effect.

Any occasion, any project, LINKYO chalk paint markers tackle anything, truly making them your all-purpose solution.

I received complimentary product.

You can learn more about them and purchase on AMAZON

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