Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Indian Healing Clay with Turmeric & Cloves Powder #BaelWellnessNaturalSkinCare

NATURAL & ORGANIC BENTONITE CLAY - Premium quality natural & organic Bentonite Clay absorbs impurities, toxins & excessive oil from skin. Provides necessary minerals to skin for enrichment.

PLUS ORGANIC TURMERIC ROOT POWDER - Acts as an antioxidant & natural antiseptic that may help treating any negative effects on skin including blackheads due to germs.

PLUS CLOVES POWDER - When used with Bentonite Clay and Turmeric Powder may help lessening effects of aging skin, scars, blemishes, acne and improve facial rejuvenation.
UNIVERSAL APPLICATION - Ideal for all skin types & hair. Can be mixed with essential oil, carrier oil, apple cider vinegar or water.

A QUALITY PRODUCT FROM A VERY WELLKNOWN BRAND - Brand is known for the quality products and best in class customer service. Easy to carry zip sealed standing pouch. 3.4 OZ (94% Bentonite Clay, 5% Turmeric Powder, 1% Cloves Powder)

I received complimentary product.

You can purchase this on AMAZON.

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