Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dave & Beth Weikel's books The Way of Hope and Hope in the Midst of Loss Tour


The Way of Hope is a guidebook for healing after loss. Sorrows visit all of us in many forms: job layoffs, doctor reports, divorces, foreclosures, prison sentences, natural disasters, or deaths of loved-ones. But sometimes it is through brokenness that God can reach deepest into a heart.
Hope in the Midst of Loss is a devotional. Beth Weikel compassionately leads her readers along the pathway of loss--one that she herself has traveled many times--and into the hope that passes all understanding. Through engaging stories from her own and others' experiences, she shines the light of God's Word upon a well-worn path of suffering. Her poignant and moving devotionals allow readers to press through their darkest journeys, sometimes asking themselves and God the hard questions, and finding the answers that only his Spirit can reveal.

Beth Weikel’s Biography from their site:

I’ve been the mother of two talented and godly sons, for which my husband and I are grateful to God, and am the grandmother of a curious and outgoing seven-year-old, Ian’s son, who was nearly eight months old when a roadside IED killed his daddy during his second tour in Iraq, while doing his command with Ghost Troop.

I’ve been a pastor’s wife, published writer of articles and features and editor of a Christian newsmagazine, a secondary English teacher in public school for over twenty years, a volunteer in ministry efforts and civic affairs that support healthy community. Since my retirement from full-time employment, I’ve rediscovered time to enjoy my continuing interest in art, photography, music, gardening and design. My husband and I each facilitate small group discipleship studies, travel to teach workshops, and provide resources and training online ( and In the past six years God has been my Sustainer, Rock, and Friend who has brought me through a series of losses I would have never imagined. I am a Bible student and teacher.

Dave Weikel’s Biography:

After being discipled into ministry through Peninsula Bible Church’s Intern Program, I have been a pastor in the Colorado Springs area. I also served as a church administrator in California. My ministry would be categorized as verse-by-verse Bible teaching, creative outreach ministries, and in-depth discipleship of men. I also was a teacher and school administrator focused on leadership skills to aid organizations.

When God calls us into a season of loss and grief, He becomes our all and all. He meets us and builds into our lives a dependence on Him, so “that we do not rely on ourselves, but on God who raises the dead” (II Corinthians 1:9). My desire is to share this message of dependence on the sufficiency of Christ.

If you'd like to learn more about Dave and Beth Weikel, By His Design.

I received complimentary copies.

Cassandra's Review-  Powerful in a way that makes the heart feel, while also creating much needed hope.  As a whole the messages and knowledge presented is great to help heal, soothe with the spirit.  I would recommend for people of faith. 

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