Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Compression Ankle Sleeve #CompressionFX

- Stimulation of blood flow to speed the healing process
- Reduced pain, swelling and inflammation
- Increased oxygen delivery to accelerate recovery time
- Same shape and compression properties after washing and wearing
- Full range of motion and enough comfort for all-day support!
Conditions for which customers purchasing our product found extra comfort:
Plantar fasciitis - Achilles tendon - Arthritis - Sprains - Tendonitis - Management of ankle swelling - Numbness
- Tingling - Inability to bear weight on the affected ankle - Stiffness - Heel pain symptoms
Compression FX Ankle Sleeves' Features Are:
- Antimicrobial
- Ultra-breathable; moisture-wicking material
- Pin-point compression zones
- Wash cold, and delicate tumble dry
- Fits right and left sides
- Sold as a pair

I received complimentary product.

You can purchase this on AMAZON. 

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