Thursday, January 21, 2016

Brush Hair Straightener #BrusHaiStraightene Review

FAST & EFFICIENT - Works to straighten your hair in minutes. Auto keep constant temperature at 365℉ for all types of hair, customized set 410℉ for natural texture hair, 450℉ for thick or wavy hair, effortless and efficient straightening styling.

NO HAIR DAMAGE. Reduce frizz & anion hydrating care. With its anti-static technology, it eliminates negative charged particles during styling.

US SAFETY PLUG. Auto shut-off protection. Please check if you turn on the red power button on the safety plug, and the power button by the side of the brush. When power is on, the temperature will be displayed on the LCD screen. To change temperature to Fahrenheit, just press the + and - keys at the same time.

Ceramic Iron Straightener + Detangling Brush + Anion Hair Massager, ANTI SCALD design, worry free from burning your fingers and hands.

EASE OF USE FOR ANYONE: Our Premier design is simple to use for Men and Women. First take time to thoroughly wash and dry hair, ensuring it is free from sweat, oils, and product. Plug brush into appropriate socket, clear from standing or running water. Press power button for three seconds until light appears.

Set brush to desired temperature, brush temperatures ranges from 176 to 450℉. After 1 to 2 minutes, begin to brush hair with long continuous strokes beginning just above the scalp and continuing in a downward motion, taking care to not place brush directly on scalp or skin. Continue brushing motions until desired straightness is achieved. If hair maintains a curly disposition, please increase brushes temperature. When finished straightening, unplug brush allowing time to cool before storing in dry area.

-Temp:80-230℃(176 - 450 ℉)

I received complimentary product.

You can purchase this on Amazon.

Cassandra's Review-  Very easy to use, it does take a bit for it to heat up and will not work until it is at the right temperature.  Depending on the amount of wild your hair is, this could be a lengthy process to straighten.

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