Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bamboo cutting boards set (3 Count) #boardset Review

The Kuuk Chopping Board set includes 3 sizes - Small, Medium, Large - all made from 100% strong, sustainable bamboo. What's more, you'll get a FREE bottle of chopping board oil to maintain your boards for many years to come!

Bamboo is Strong, Durable & Long-Lasting
Mao bamboo is tough, dense and durable, making a solid and perfectly flat surface for you to prepare your food. It's also lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and store in your kitchen. Although bamboo is strong, it actually does less damage to your knives than regular hardwood.

Bamboo is Eco-Friendly & Highly Sustainable
Mao bamboo is the FASTEST growing plant on the planet, making it the perfect eco-friendly natural resource. It doesn't require special treatment to grow at stunning rates, and it produces more oxygen than regular hardwood forests, helping to clean our air.

3-Set Includes Large, Medium & Small Chopping Boards
This bamboo chopping board set includes 3 sizes - Small (8"/20cm) x 6"/15cm), Medium (12"/30cm x 9"/23cm, and Large (15"/38cm x 11.5"/29cm). The small board is perfect for slicing cheese or serving with crackers, while the medium and large boards are great for chopping loads of vegetables, onions, meat, bread and more! Each board is 0.43" (0.9cm) thick.

Includes FREE Cutting Board Oil!
With your Kuuk chopping board set you'll also get a bottle of cutting board oil - included absolutely FREE! After hand washing your boards with soap and warm water, air dry and then rub them down with the oil to ensure they stay as smooth and fresh as ever!

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- Durable, well made and excellent sizes.  The only problem was it had unknown oily substance that I was assured by Amazon is cutting board oil.  There was no free oil as far as a bottle or packet so I guess they just pour it on.  

You can purchase these on Amazon.

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