Friday, December 18, 2015

Silicone wedding ring #siliconeweddingrings

 The rings are  safe for professionals at work and prevent finger injuries, It is designed to break away when subjected to 40 pounds or more of pressure.

TK choice’s Silicone Wedding Ring won't conduct electricity, making it ideal for electricians, firefighters and medical personnel who find themselves working with or near electrical current.
Perfect to those who have swollen fingers. Swelling in pregnancy can be very normal.

 You will really see this both as your pregnancy progresses and during the summer months. This can cause your fingers to swell to the point where wearing your rings is dangerous. Our silicone rings are the perfect solution for the beautiful time in your life.

The sentimental value is irreplaceable. Wear your silicone ring and never lose or damage your valuable ring again.


I received complimentary product.


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