Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Safe Catch Tuna

Every Single Tuna Tested - Safe Catch Tuna

Moms want to give their babies the best start possible and that begins with nutrition. One of the healthiest foods moms can eat during pregnancy is seafood, but many have stopped eating any fish at all because of fears about mercury. While high levels of mercury can be harmful to baby, avoiding fish or taking fish oil supplements instead can also have negative side effects. Omega 3s in fish like DHA are essential for brain development, which is why Safe Catch has created the first canned tuna that is safe for pregnant and nursing moms.

Safe Catch is the only canned tuna brand that tests every fish for mercury and they have set their mercury standards below Consumer Reports¹ strict ³Low Mercury² criteria of 0.082 PPM average for pregnancy and kids. No other canned tuna brand meets that standard or tests every fish. Additionally, Safe Catch doesn¹t pre-cook it's tuna before canning so no Omega 3s or other vital nutrients are lost in the cooking process, giving Safe Catch tuna higher levels of Omega 3s than other brands.

I received  complimentary product.


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