Monday, December 28, 2015

#RistRoller Review

Mini Foam Roller (Firm)

This firm mini foam roller is great for massaging your wrists, palms, forearms, quads & feet!  Keep it on your desk, toss it in your bag - your roller will be ready when you are! 1.5" in diameter and 5.75" tall.

Cassandra's Review-  A very simple product. It is an actual firm foam roller.  If you use it with too much pressure it can cause damage to the roller.  If you are allergic to the material, this would not be good because you rub it on skin directly. I tried them over clothes and it just does not feel the same and can tug and pull.  It is kind of hard to use on the feet as it can slip and roll around the floor.  You can use this right out of the package. I wasn't able to sterilize mine.

I received complimentary product.


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