Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ibric Lock #Ibricpowerlock

Combination Coded Cable Bike Lock That Is Retractable and User Resettable, Which Also Includes a Bike Holding Bracket. Secure and Easy to Use Lock By Powerlock. 6 Feet Long by ½ Inches in Diameter. Conveniently Secure Your Belongings Today!PowerLock Retractable Cable Coded Bike Lock is easy to use and is great to secure your belongings
Conveniently Secure Your belongings with Your very own PowerLock
• Great length at 6 feet long
• Retractable/Self coiling makes it super convenient to use and store
• Easy to use coded dial
• Setting and changing the dial coded password is easy (Comes with directions)
• Comes with a Holding Bracket to store on your bicycle
• Cable coating will keep your belongings protected from scratches


I received complimentary product.

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