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I am Her Revenge by Meredith Moore Tour and GIVEAWAY

2015 debut authors bash I am Her Revenge
I am Her Revenge by Meredith Moore
 Published April 7th, 2015 Published by Razorbill
 336 pages

She can be anyone you want her to be. Vivian was raised with one purpose in life: to exact revenge on behalf of her mother. Manipulative and cruel, Mother has deprived Vivian not only of a childhood, but of an original identity. With an endless arsenal of enticing personalities at her disposal, Vivian is a veritable weapon of deception. 

And she can destroy anyone. When it’s time to strike, she enrolls in a boarding school on the English moors, where she will zero in on her target: sweet and innocent Ben, the son of the man who broke Mother’s heart twenty years ago.
Anyone… except for the woman who created her. With every secret she uncovers, Vivian comes one step closer to learning who she really is. But the more she learns about herself, the more dangerous this cat and mouse game becomes. Because Mother will stop at nothing to make sure the truth dies with her.
  About the Author:
meredith moore
  Meredith Moore graduated from Harvard University with a degree in History, focusing on early modern England and France. She lives in Houston, Texas, where she loves pumpkin spice lattes, 19th century British literature, and road trips. 

I Am Her Revenge is her debut novel.


 Twitter: @writermeredith


  Read below or a guest post from Meredith Moore:

 My favorite scenes from I AM HER REVENGE   I AM HER REVENGE is, at its heart, a gothic romance. I grew up on 19th Century British literature, novels by the Bronte sisters, Dickens, Hardy, and Gaskell, and so when I was writing my own novel, I drew on that same atmospheric sense of haunting love and thrilling suspense. And my absolute favorite scenes to write were the romantic ones. Vivian’s mother has turned her into a weapon of seduction. She sends Vivian to a boarding school on the edge of the Yorkshire moors to break the heart of the son of the man who broke Mother’s heart years ago.

But once Vivian’s there, she finds that Arthur, the boy who grew up with her, has been waiting for her. He was her only true friend, and her first love. The interaction between two characters with so much history and heartbreak and twisted love was ridiculously fun to write. The two of them want to hate each other so badly, especially since Arthur is trying to stop Vivian from breaking the other boy’s heart, but they need each other. In one of their first meetings, that tense combination is on full display:   I face him and let fire fill my expression. “I hate you.” I’m desperate for the words to be true, but their sharp edges cut my tongue as I spit them out. “Stop acting,” he orders, his voice low. I blink, and he steps forward again, and suddenly we are engaged in a complicated dance. “You don’t hate me.” 

He hesitates, then brings his hand to my face, smoothing a wisp of hair behind my ear. Steps closer again. “What are you doing?” I ask, stiffening. The feel of his skin on mine makes me shiver. I don’t know what he wants with me. Something in my eyes makes him step back, and finally I can breathe again. “Why are you really here? At Madigan?” I ask. “Because of you,” he answers, his eyes still locked on mine. It’s the same answer he gave before, but it feels different now. It means something different. “To stop me?” I ask. He shakes his head slowly. “Because of you.”

  Vivian’s story is all about finding her own identity and finding a way to take back the life that Mother has stolen from her, and her feelings for Arthur play a huge role in that. So I couldn’t help but write a few swoony scenes between the two. My favorite moment is a small one, where the tension between them has boiled over:

   He sets the kettle on the counter and grips the edges of the small wooden kitchen chair that separates him from me. I watch his knuckles go white with the effort, and suddenly, the air between us shifts. And I want to—have to—be closer to him. His eyes grow darker as they watch mine, and I feel as if a flash fire is burning over my skin. I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t, shouldn’t, shouldn’t. I step forward.

Vivian and Arthur’s relationship is inspired by all those breathless, heady love stories from 19th Century gothic literature. How could I not love writing about them?  

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  1. The era and the story interest me greatly. British novels are my favorite. Thanks for this great feature and giveaway. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. This book looks intriguing. A great premise.


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