Monday, December 21, 2015

FitShionista Bling Bands #fitshionista

Fitshionista Bling Bands were created to accessorize and to securely fasten your Fitbit-- they add a personal style with uniquely designed pendants.
You must own a size small Fitbit Charge or Charge HR in order to test this product.
 There are (3) different designs to choose from

Make your Fitness Tracker even more Awesome! Prevent it from falling off in the laundry again or popping off at the store by accessorizing it with this chic and functional band made by Fitshionista.

"The Isabella", Named after the Gladiolus Isabella flower, with a primrose yellow throat that makes each flower seem to glow. Made by hand and guaranteed for quality.

From The Brand:

My name is Rebecca. My sweet husband purchased a Fitbit Charge for me last Christmas. I loved it! I loved everything about except for two things: It didn't quite complete the look of every outfit and more importantly, it kept falling off! So, I came up with a solution for both problems.... I created these accessory bands that I call Fitshionista, for fitness and for fashion, two things that I am all for! I hope you enjoy your new Fitshionista band!

 How to attach it: 1) Slip the elastic loop with the pendant side on first so that it tightens just under the digital display of your tracker 2) Slip the smaller elastic loop on the other end of the same band and bunch it up 3) Fasten your fitness tracker as usual 4) Slide the smaller loop back down so that it is wrapped around both bands of your fitness tracker. You must own a Fitbit Charge or Charge HR in order to test this product.

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I received complimentary product.

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