Thursday, December 03, 2015

FIT WRAPZ Sports Nutrition Meals Review #fitwrapz

The Fit Wrapz brand provides Sports Nutrition meals in the form of premium frozen burritos. (More meal types coming soon!!!) Personal trainer and nutrition counselor, Shige Toyoguchi, developed Fit Wrapz to provide a convenient, nutritious meal that is delicious and has an ideal macronutrient balance for fueling elite athletes. Fit Wrapz flavors include the Original Breakfast Burrito, Breakfast Burrito with Maple Sugar, Green Chili Chicken Burrito, and Barbeque Chicken Burrito.

25-26g of Complete Protein!!
6g of Fiber
32g of Whole Grain
51% Whole Grain, 100% Whole Wheat Tortilla
Low Sugar and Sodium
Tasty meal with only 350-380 calories in each burrito
High Protein, Low Cholesterol, and Saturated Fat
Good source of fiber
White Meat Chicken, Lean Ground Turkey, and Scrambled Egg Whites
rBST Free Mozzarella Cheese
Long-grain Brown Rice
NO Preservatives, Artificial Colors, Sweeteners, or Flavors

Balanced nutrient profile
Ready in less than 3 minutes!
As part of a fitness program, Fit Wrapz take the guesswork out of eating.
Boosts energy
Perfect meal for any time of the day.
Meets Institute of Medicine requirements for Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat balance

You can purchase HERE 

I received complimentary samples.

Cassandra's Review-  I had one favorite the Green Chili Chicken Burrito, it was packed with food and really tasty.   The other flavors did not hit home for me, but they were also packed with an excellent amount of ingredients.  The portion size is great, but you could add a little side salad or something just to get extra filled.  My least favorite was the  Barbeque Chicken Burrito because it not only had a strange off putting smell, but the taste was not what I had in mind and perhaps a little overly spicy, but only on my lips did I really feel the burn.

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