Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Faucet Set of 2 Sink Handle Extender #faucetextender #ad

✔EASY ON/OFF REMOVAL: requires no tools or assembly and works right out of the box! Simply take it out, pop it in just seconds on any faucet and watch the good habits start to form!
✔ROUNDED CORNER AND ZERO SHARP EDGES: completely safe for little fingers. Hold up well even if your child decides to use it while he or she is teething! Protects your youngster from the sharp edges commonly found underneath most faucets.
✔FUN DESIGN AND COLORS: the Baby Faucet Extender integrates a brightly-colored unique design that makes hand washing time fun for your kids!
✔COLOR-FAST MATERIALS: manufactured from completely non-toxic materials, BPA, PVC and phthalate free, the Baby Faucet Extender won't crack, fade or warp from enthusiastic usage
✔UNIVERSAL DESIGN: the Baby Faucet Extender is compatible with most faucets of all shapes and sizes, so take it with you! Perfectly travel sized, fast-drying and dishwasher-safe!

The Baby Faucet Extender was designed with one goal in mind - to make hand washing fun! The design team at Straight Edge Innovations consulted with countless parents just like you, and here's what they found-- the number one challenge they encountered with their little ones was all about building healthy habits. We discovered the solution with our Baby Faucet Extender! The concept behind our Faucet Extender is simple yet effective. Because the foundation to all sanitation habits begin and end with hand washing, it is crucial children develop this healthy habit early on. Carefully made to be both convenient and easy-to-use, our Baby Faucet Extender not only makes it easy for young ones to reach the water themselves with the help of the fun colorful shape and design, it also protects little fingers from the sharp edges often found directly underneath most commercial faucets. Product features: ★2 high quality Faucet Extender 1. Blue and Yellow 2. Fuchsia and Yellow ★High quality silicone and plastic material - BPA, PVC free. ★Fit most conventional bathroom faucets. ★Fun colorful shape and design that make your child love hand washing. ★Easy To Store and Clean, while being dishwasher safe. Our Baby Faucet Extender is durable, completely non-toxic, fits virtually any standard sized faucet and is travel-sized, so no matter where your child goes with you, hand washing is a snap and a fun moment to share.

Retail Price: $14.99



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