Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Eye Patch by Dr. Patch #DrPatch

It really does not matter how old you are. An eye patch is a great way to deal with an eye problem, whether it's a temporary solution or a permanent one. Amblyopia, Strabismus, and Lazy Eye are medical eye conditions that need to be treated consistently. This is why Dr Patch eye patches were invented. Every Dr Patch eyepatch comes with a beautifully designed partial occlusion sheet which covers the lens of most eye glasses. It also comes with a silicone, hypoallergenic full occlusion - no peeking eye patch and an elastic strap to ensure the best fit for every child.

With Dr Patch Eye patches, even very young children can wear patches. Dr Patch eye patches are made for children who are as young as 6 months. Unlike other eye patches for children, Dr Patch eye patches are non-adhesive, your child will not be scared of putting on or taking off the patch. No more tears at breakfast or bedtime!As a parent, you can help your child adapt to using an eye patch, whatever the medical condition may be. A child may need some support to gain confidence. Dr Patch kids' eye patches are made with fun in mind so you child will enjoy wearing them every day.

Dr. Patch eye patches make every child proud to have an eye patch.

Dr. Patch eye patches are made for children and Adults, with designs that are adapted to either market.

Please order this product only if you or your child need an eye patch for medical reasons.



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