Friday, December 04, 2015

Extra Large Nut Milk Bag #MagikuchenNutMilkBag

★★★ PERFECT SHAPE & SIZE ★★★ Discover our Highest & Finest Quality Extra Large XL 12"X12" commercial FOOD GRADE, BPA FREE Nylon Mesh Strainer. Perfect shape & size with wider opening and rounded corners, will eliminate waste and messy pouring. Large opening fits over most any container or glass jars. This makes it better, easier, faster, and more convenient than a cheesecloth.

★★★ TIGHT & STIFF FREE ★★★ Your bag is made of 75 micron count, the perfect nylon thread count which does not make the bag TIGHT or STIFF. It makes squeezing much easy for faster results. You' will NEVER have to filter your Almond Milks or Cold Brew Coffee twice.

★★★ HASSLE FREE CLEANING & REUSABLE ★★★ Keeping in mind customers request, your Nut Milk Bag has rounded bottom and premium double stitching from outside, leaving no pulp behind when cleaning, so your bags stay cleaner & sanitary for longer. Fast Drying and Mold Free with Nylon drawstring. Use the drawstring to hang or stand up the bag for quick, complete drying.

★★★ STRAIN & FILTER ★★★ Start making your own home made drinks: Almond nut milk, soy milk, cashew nut milks, coconut milk, rice milk, organic fruit juices, vegetable juices, hemp milk, flax milk, blendtec drinks or vitamix. Also great as a cold brew coffee filter or nut milk bag cold brew coffee maker for better taste, also usable for stew straining, cheese maker, stock filtering & sprouting seeds and nuts.

I received complimentary product.

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