Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Dog Toys Giraffe and Elephant 2 Pack #RopeDogToys

Get your dog some awesome new friends!If you love your dog, you understand how great it feels to see them get excited when they get a new treat. But not just any treat will do! Dogs are smarter than we think and they will recognize how wonderful these adorable but durable rope toys are compared to all the other boring products!

- Can use to play tug of war and interact with your dog

- Train your pet to be friendlier with others with these charming giraffe and elephant animal designs

- Perfect for chewers - even though your dog will seem like King Kong to these little creatures, they will stand up to his/her nibbling

- 100% eco friendly cotton fibers means you are doing your part for the environment and complete safety for your dog

- Adorable animal design for a unique gift for your dog instead of the boring toys they have seen before


I received complimentary product.

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