Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Digital Luggage Scale #GreatTripGadgets

Luggage Scale for Digital Weighing - WHY TO OWN IT?
- EASY TO USE - Just Turn It On, Strap The Scale To The Luggage And Weigh.
- PREMIUM QUALITY and LIGHTWEIGHT SCALE - Take It With You Wherever You Go! CE and RoHS Compliant - 1 Year Warranty On The Product!
- LARGE, BACKLIT and EASY TO READ SCREEN - Perfect For All Generations.
- CAPACITY UP TO 110Lb / 50kg, It Can Measure In Lb/oz/kg/g.
- Has Data Lock Function, Tare Function, Low Battery And Overload Indication, Auto Off Function.
- Comes With A Strap And One CR2032 Battery So You Can Start Using It Right Away!

No More Luggage Fees! Always Know How Heavy Your Baggage is.
-Wondering if your bags are under the weight restrictions?
-Are you weighing the baggage with clumsy floor scale?
-Have you already paid airport baggage fees for having too heavy luggage?
-Or where you're-packing your luggage in front of crowded counter to avoid the baggage fee?
We Are Introducing A GreatTripGadgets Digital Luggage Scale To Help You Avoid Any Embarrassing Airport Experience In The Future. Our Scale Is Very Lightweight & Portable!

What Can The Digital Luggage Scale Do For You?
-Allows you to always know how much your luggage weighs.
-Easy to use - just turn it on, strap the scale to the luggage and weigh.
-Large, backlit and easy to read screen is perfect for all generations.
-Capacity 110Lb / 50kg
-Comes with a strap
-Can measure in Lb/oz/kg/g
-Has data lock function
-Includes tare function, low battery and overload indication

This scale is much more than just travel luggage scale!
-Use it to check your children school backpacks to ensure they are not too heavy (max. recomm. weight of a backpack is only 10-15% of child's weight).
-Take it with you on farmer's market and double check the weight of bought fruits or vegetables.
-And much more!

Works with 1x CR2032 Battery-included


I received complimentary product.

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