Tuesday, December 08, 2015

DBPOWER 4-Port Hub for type c #DBPOWER4PortHubfortypec

Minimalistic design
Lightweight and compact, easy to carry.
Graceful and delicate exterior, bright and smooth body.
Horizontally-positioned ports give a wider berth for over-sized USB connectors.
Phenomenal build quality
Sturdy cable, reinforced connector and unique full-aluminum housing without overheating troubles.
USB-C supported
2015 MacBook with 12" Retina Display, 2015 Google Chromebook Pixel, HP Pavilion x2, Nokia N1, OnePlus 2, Lenovo Zuk Z1, Google Nexus 5X / 6P, Google Pixel C.
You can plug them into the bus and unplug them any time.
Incredible transfer speed
Up to 5 gigabits per second, more than 10 times faster than USB2.0.
Warranty and Service
18-month unlimited warranty and service included.
We want you to know
The hub can't be used as a substitute for the USB charger.
The hub with 4-port is unpowered. So the power (up to 900 milliamps) comes from the computer.
Self-powered devices (like printers and scanners) and low-power devices (like mice and cameras) are available.
Included in the Box
DBPOWER USB3.0 hub and 11¡±cable .


I received complimentary product.

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