Friday, December 18, 2015

Custom ID Cards #IDCreator

A custom made ID Card. This card can be customized with not only your information, but also your company's logo and name. You can chose from any of our 100+ templates, or you can design your own (preferred).

The ID Card Can Be:
A press pass
A Company badge
A Funny Novelty card
A luggage
Or anything other card you may want!


I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  The site is not easy to navigate, the customizing process for me took a really long time.  I still needed help from the brand to get the ID card the way I wanted it to look.  THe shipping however was really fast.  I was given a free lanyard, which is made of high quality and fits really nicely, but the hook in the end is a little hard to get through the ID badge just because of the size of the opening.

 The ID badge was accurate, I wish I was able to really preview it before ordering because the color choice I thought was going to look appropriate, kind of drowned out the face on the card.  I wanted a holo front and back and it was a weird symbol, not sure of what, but it looks nice, except is does also cover the face  The thickness is that of a credit card and when used correctly, I expect it will last a long time.   If you can figure out the sites customization tool and get everything the way you want it in the preview, the outcome should be really nice.

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