Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Cardboard Scratching Post #Scratcher4CLAWS

A Sturdy Vertical Scratcher
Is your cat scratching on walls, door frames or other vertical surfaces? This wall mounted cardboard Scratching Post allows your kitty to scratch and stretch in an upright position.

Created with Premium Pressed Cardboard, these durable scratchers are dense enough to be able to withstand your cat's beating and lasts longer than others. Wall mounted with adhesive pads, they are easy to install and are firm enough for your cat to put her weight on it. The Scratching Post is remarkably affordable for this quality. You'll want several to spread them around the house. Your kitty will deeply appreciate it!

4CLAWS BASICS Collection
Got extra scratching needs? Or have multiple cats to care for? Get the entire BASICS Collection scratchers that accommodate your cat's every need to scratch. Designed and tested with different profiles, each model is tailored for a specific scratching condition. From horizontal, arched, inclined, to vertical scratching needs, our collection takes cares of every one of them.


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