Tuesday, December 08, 2015

4rk Non Heat Pack. Pair of Silicone Gloves + Mitts #nonheatpack

Always burning your fingers when baking or cooking?
Take a look at our NON HEAT PACK!

1 Pair of Silicone Gloves:
- The most popular silicone cooking and grilling gloves available.
- Great for cooking with grills, smokers, and rotisseries.
- 100% waterproof, covers your wrist, keeps hands safe and dry.
- Lightweight, flexible, no slip grip design to allow safe movement of hot items.
- Up to 3" longer than typical silicone gloves to provide protection for your forearms as you reach across the flaming grill.
- Ridges on the sides and between the fingers help improve grip while protecting your fingers from hot utensils.

1 Pair of Silicone Mitts:
- Protective heat resistant oven mitts set ideal for serving, baking, cooking or handling hot plates.
- These pot holders are light in weight, flexible, comfortable and easy to use. Innovative design perfect for small hands.
- Secure nonslip grip is ideal for handling hot plates and small pans. Mouth allows for a perfect grip with baking dishes, pans, toaster oven or conventional oven racks.
- Perfect for handling plates and containers out of your microwave avoiding burning your hands or fingers.

Both pairs are also..
- Heat resistant for temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
- No staining or smell. Even after long term use.
- Won't mold or absorb odors like cloth mitts/gloves.
- Dishwasher safe, easy to clean.
- BPA-Free.
- Made of premium, FDA Approved rated silicone.
- 1 size fits all.


I received complimentary product.

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